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Leg 2 Has Begun-France

Today a new adventure has begun. It is another check on the bucket list of mine and that was to return one day to the South of France.

W enjoyed our last breakfast in Barcelona, made our way to the lobby with the heaviest bags ever. We got a cab to the train station and, good grief, is it ever huge. We follow, like a herd of sheep to get all  the bags x-rayed, before getting our ticket checked.

A little panic attack until we are shown the way to the elevator-taking the stairs with these bags is definitely not an option. (me, not Don, naturally).

We get on the train, upper ‘duplex’ they call it and enjoy a relaxing , quiet ride with the two of us playing ‘two dots’ all the way. Once in Nimes, we get a taxi to our hotel, the Imperator, Hemingway’s favorite in Nimes, and we relax.

We have stayed here before with Insight Vacations. The building is old but that is part of the charm. The elevator (one) is turn of the century and is a hoot. If you don’t make sure the gate is closed tight on 3rd floor, it doesn’t operate.

We are awaiting the tour bus to arrive, meet new faces and guide, and enjoy dinner. I only say this because we never got lunch. Yes, I’m hungary.


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Barceló Valencia Hotel, Valencia, Spain

To make it simple….when we arrived here it is a Wow City being so modern. But wait: when you arrive in your room you begin to think you are really in a place like Denmark.

Sleek, almost stark in décor yet so comfortable. They have THE best curtains yet. Gives us an idea for our new condo when we get home.

The beauty in the bathroom also comes with a ‘where is the door? It’s all open with the exception of the frosted glass door for the WC (as noted all throughout Spain). Can be a little unnerving.

Each Hotel comes with different toiletries, but this one tops the last one as did the last one to the one before. Get it? They have individual packets of toothbrush/paste, comb, sewing kit as well as the norm for bath gel, shampoos/conditioners.

They have more space for the second suitcase.Yes, people- most travellers come in pairs so it is nice to know you both have a place to set up.

This hotel really works..super clean…beautiful, and close to everything.

This is a city not to miss when in Spain and definitely stay here. What a find.

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