What Is Really Going On?

From the very start, this is only my opinion and venting this morning.

I cannot for the life of me understand what the American people must be going through. They can see and hear, if they listen to anything other than FOX News, how the rest of the world is taking steps to slow down this virus. Name calling and pointing fingers is not the way.

Now you have the Governor of Mississippi,  who should be thrown in jail for making everyone in his state return to work. If, Sir, you are so blind and deaf as to the seriousness of this virus, then lock yourself outside, as you have no fear, and let the various counties with level-headed Mayors look after their populace. You must think you are going to get a job in the WH. Oh goody!

Mr. T, who only wants his way via lies and careless regard for anyone, should be removed immediately. Today on the news they say approximately 100,000 are infected. What about the millions more who cannot get testing because of his lack of foresight? Anyone care?

The Governor of New York, Mr. Cuomo is doing everything he can to stem the flow of this virus, as are the Governors of Washington State and California.

Now back to stupidity. Texas. What can one say here. No words.

As a Canadian I find that the last 4 years have been the worst ever. Mr. T, with his lies, name calling and total lack of knowledge on any level, has me in tears most of the time and especially the last month or so. How can you only care about selling off your stocks and that of your gutless cronies, allow the rest of the nation to suffer? Lose all their savings/stocks and never knowing whom to believe.

These are truly tough times but also threatening to put guards up close to our border is an outright threat of war. You blame Canadians for taking the virus to you? Sorry Mr. T. it is the other way around. If you had grown a pair you would do anything to protect your Nation not just you.

Listen and watch from our Prime Minister who is daily informing us, answering any and all questions put to him without hesitation and doing all he and the Government can do to keep us safe and without financial fears over the next short while. It won’t make the virus go away but it will ease the minds and hearts of those who need it most.

Many kudos go to Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell for their reporting and expert guests they have on their programs daily. I have learned so much as to the crookedness of your elections from state to state  since the last election. I could not believe it. It seemed that those of colour were put in impossible situations to even try to vote.

I have always been a little envious for the U.S.A. with the cheaper prices and variety of products we don’t have but not now. Now, I am just confused and upset, praying so often every day for the world to come to its senses, stop hatred of people we don’t know because of religion or skin colour and return to some kind or normalcy whatever that may now be.

I am venting and I don’t apologize for it. i pray especially for our friends in the United States from Colorado to Utah to Washington State to stay safe. We have friends in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Spain and pray for them as well.

Back to work by Easter? Pshaw!!!!!

I am not interested with the political beliefs of our friends, just letting you know what this is doing to a simple Canadian. It hurts…..a lot.

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Pipeline Protesters

Understand me from the start, I am not prejudiced towards anyone but I am taking exception to the signs being shown on the public roadways and bridges saying we are “ethnic cleansing” rather than the beef at hand which is a pipeline., although approved, is now being taken way out of whack by not everyone who has any say.  Just what do they mean by “ethnic cleansing”? To me, their beef is with all the Chiefs who approved the pipeline and stop holding a city and the two busy ports hostage. What are they accomplishing? They aren’t making any new friends here. We have seen this before when those on the street simply perpetuate anything they feel they can get away with.

Ever since moving here to B.C., thirty years ago, it is getting worse. What happened 100 or 200 years ago can’t be changed and no amount of money can do that. Every culture/nationality has things that should never have happened but we all have to move on. If you live in this beautiful country, then you are CANADIAN not a sub-culture with your own laws, rules.  My husband’s ancestors have been here since the early 1600’s, so he is more Canadian than most. My son-in-law is Metis and very proud of his heritage. Our beautiful granddaughters have been taught their cultural background and they are proud as well. We, as grandparents, are so very proud of them all.

This is one Country that should not become so devisive and mean and nasty. The beatings and bullying and hate and constant lies towards those we do not know or understand where they come from and living through must stop. It breaks my heart when you watch the news or read the newspaper about rapes, beatings, robberies, neglected animals and on and on.

When did our pride of country and self become so screwed up? We all must take a step back, breathe and then try a little more kindness towards another. Please, we are breaking down our own beings.

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