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Inn At Laurel Point, Victoria

We spent a lovely weekend at this establishment for two reasons. My Aunt and Uncle put on another family reunion for both sides of the family tree and 52 of us got together, caught up and enjoyed the rooms here. They were clean and very comfortable. We had a beautiful view of the harbour.

The staff were more than you normally find. Polite, always smiling and were willing to accommodate your every wish. The Valet fellas were on the spot every time, smiling, offering help if needed and generally making you feel welcome the moment you drive up.

The Banquet we had with the Family Reunion was quite plentiful and there was something for everyone. We enjoyed it and then the real fun began where each family stood and talked about what had transpired since the last time we were all together. The staff, although I am sure they wanted us out of there sooner so they could clean the room, stood patiently by throughout all of this.

Then, my husband and I were treated to the Sunday brunch with 4 of our children the 5th was already here) and grandchildren who came over to the Island to celebrate our birthdays together. We are the same age, only 28 days apart.

Back to the Brunch….there was live entertainment and they were awesome. The Buffet was like we haven’t seen before. Table after table of foods hot/cold. seafood of all kinds, salads, vegetables, roast beef, omelets, waffles and on and on and then the dessert tables (yes tables) was awesome. They had reserved a private room with our own attendant where we could talk, laugh, take pictures and genuinely enjoy  the time we had. One daughter asked for an item to be cooked a little more, and off to the kitchen and it was done to perfection. Wonderful.

We truly enjoyed this Hotel and all it had to offer. To our family, all cousins and their mates, thank you for the ability to get together and catch up and to our children and grandchildren, thank you for the magnificent gift of Brunch, all together in the same room at the same time. One granddaughter was still at school but we did chat.

We are so blessed with the family we have, the lives we share from many parts of Canada and we shared, once more, Easter altogether.

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Magnolia Hotel and Spa, Victoria, B.C.

Knowing we had to be in Victoria for medical reasons, I told my beautiful husband I would treat  him  to a evening at a nice hotel for his Father’s day gift from me and did I ever pick the right one.

From the time we went into the lounge and had a beverage while we were waiting for our room to be ready and when  we returned to Reception, we were told “thank you for your patience and your room has been upgraded to the best room in the house”, we felt at ease and welcome.

The best thing for me, after walking around the room is the fact the bathroom has a separate shower and a bathtub. This is so important for Seniors and/or those with mobility problems and they took that into consideration.

At the desk they asked where  we were going for dinner or could they give us a list of ‘staff picks’ of the better establishments, depending on the type of cuisine you wanted. We decided immediately where we were going and went up to our room to relax before going out.

When we got back to our room following our sumptuous meal, it was a wonderful feeling to find two beautiful lounge chairs with a large foot stool where we could sit and enjoy watching a bit of television. Most hotels/motels have one chair. Why? The decor of our room was done with great care and consideration of their clientele.

I am recommending this Hotel for sure if it is for a special occasion and you want to do it right.

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