Inn At Laurel Point, Victoria

We spent a lovely weekend at this establishment for two reasons. My Aunt and Uncle put on another family reunion for both sides of the family tree and 52 of us got together, caught up and enjoyed the rooms here. They were clean and very comfortable. We had a beautiful view of the harbour.

The staff were more than you normally find. Polite, always smiling and were willing to accommodate your every wish. The Valet fellas were on the spot every time, smiling, offering help if needed and generally making you feel welcome the moment you drive up.

The Banquet we had with the Family Reunion was quite plentiful and there was something for everyone. We enjoyed it and then the real fun began where each family stood and talked about what had transpired since the last time we were all together. The staff, although I am sure they wanted us out of there sooner so they could clean the room, stood patiently by throughout all of this.

Then, my husband and I were treated to the Sunday brunch with 4 of our children the 5th was already here) and grandchildren who came over to the Island to celebrate our birthdays together. We are the same age, only 28 days apart.

Back to the Brunch….there was live entertainment and they were awesome. The Buffet was like we haven’t seen before. Table after table of foods hot/cold. seafood of all kinds, salads, vegetables, roast beef, omelets, waffles and on and on and then the dessert tables (yes tables) was awesome. They had reserved a private room with our own attendant where we could talk, laugh, take pictures and genuinely enjoy  the time we had. One daughter asked for an item to be cooked a little more, and off to the kitchen and it was done to perfection. Wonderful.

We truly enjoyed this Hotel and all it had to offer. To our family, all cousins and their mates, thank you for the ability to get together and catch up and to our children and grandchildren, thank you for the magnificent gift of Brunch, all together in the same room at the same time. One granddaughter was still at school but we did chat.

We are so blessed with the family we have, the lives we share from many parts of Canada and we shared, once more, Easter altogether.

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Proline Property Management Company

We have moved AGAIN. Twice in 18 months and the reasons are varied but one thing really stands out. Do not move into a complex that has this strata company looking after the property. The complex we were living in did not like the strata company they had so they got this one. We thought it was going to be an improvement. Alas and alak – not so. If you were to ask for reasons why the power bill was over $600 the first bill we got (in only 1 month). We did not have to even turn on the heat. Our condo was soooo hot and the neighbors on either side were freezing.

We had the thermostats recalibrated, kept the temperature down and even changed out the old washer and dryer, thinking that was a major problem. No change. Then the draft coming from the bedroom window and the patio wall was horrible. We asked that the windows be looked after. They had a company come in and then he said all the windows needed to be replaced. The strata company said they would look after it.

Several months later and Spring in full force, they said it had to be re-looked at. Sure – now that it is warm …what cold air? It was never done.

The patio/deck we had was always under water. There were no eaves to keep the water off and it poured like a tap on full force. It took over 8-9 months before any action took place. They kept telling us it was going to done. Then yup, still coming. FINALLY, we got them and our resident maintenance man finally filled in the gaps. The installer never did come back.

When we put our condo up for sale, they charged, over and over again to give our Realtor the papers she needed. They charged for $50 for this and that, over and over again. They charged my husband $25.00 for a key to allow our Realtor access to our condo and when he went to return it and get his deposit back, they said oh, no, we don’t give it back.

Their hands are out every .time you turn around

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