Asteras Greek Restaurant

We just celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary by renewing our vows with family and a couple of our neighbors. As a gift, we were given a gift certificate to Asteras. We had never been before and were anxious to go and try it out.

We made reservations (thank goodness) and arrived really hungary. We ordered our usual beverage, and they brought out a dip called Melitzanosalada (creamy eggplant dip) with a plate of their own pitas (hot and buttery slices). We ate that all up and I asked to be able to buy a container of the dip to take home. You won’t believe how good this is. A short while later, we ordered another plate of the pitas and gave that a good scare.

Our dinner order was Paidakia (rack of lamb chops on the grill) for Don and I ordered the Garlic Prawns, sauteed with butter and lemon. These, of course, arrive with the usual rice, potatoes, vegetable and Greek salad.
WHEW! It was delicious.

What was awesome to watch are the servers who have to run up and down a very long staircase to the tables outside and that means carrying glasses, water jugs, drinks, food and bring it all back up again to the kitchen The movement is constant with no breaks or gasping for air.. There isn’t a drop of fat on any of these kids and they are constantly on the move. I might add, we were blessed with being to walk up the ramp to enter and eat inside.

Our main server, Kaelyn,was awesome. These servers help each other out, the owners also pitch in bringing food, removing plates, etc. and expediting the orders as they are BUSY.

At the end of our meal we were given a complimentary shot glass each of ouzo/lemonade. Good as it was it almost did me in. Don doesn’t drink and I just could not drink his shot. What a shame!

Loved this place. Will definitely be back. Make your reservations and go. WOW!

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La Stella Trattoria

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can. You really can. We went to La Stella Trattoria for the very first time last night. Reservations are a must. Be sure you know they are closed Monday and Tuesday.

We had a table close to the kitchen and we could watch a young fellow named Jake toss the pizza dough. More on that later.

I have a thing for Arancini, having been treated to it in Calgary with my step-son a few years back. I also have made it at home (from frozen of course) BUT this is to absolutely die for. It is presented so beautifully and you do what we did…dive in and try it out. Okay, it is 5 ‘balls’ to each order and we each had 2 1/2. We had to share.

I ordered a beautiful Shiraz red wine and Don had his usual beer. Then we ordered our main dish. I had the 3 cheese pizza and Don ordered the Bucantini.

The taste of the pizza dough is unreal. We asked to speak with Jake and he is the one who uses local ingredients and he keeps testing them out to see which one is the best. Sorry people, we picked this one.

Don sampled my pizza and I sampled his dish. So yummy.

Now I saw they also have Cannoli for dessert and I am not leaving this place until we order some. Three to the order and I have never tasted anything so light, crispy on the outside and the middle so unreal. OMG!

Our server was a most delightful lady named Liz. She is so on the ball and checking on everything without over doing it. We have made reservations next week for our family coming from Alberta and we have asked that Liz be our server again.

You absolutely must go here in the Old Quarter and enjoy a remarkable meal from start to finish. Our meal with all of the above was about $90.00 not including tip.

We will be back many, many times I promise you.


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