Original Joe’s

As it was my birthday last week, Don and Kelly took me to Original Joe’s to celebrate. It was a little chilly and, because of Covid, we were out on the patio. They seated us in the full wind and we asked to be changed (lots of empty tables) and she told us she would have to talk with her manager. We waited quite a while and finally asked another server. Finally, they moved us and it wasn’t much better.

We ordered our drinks and our food. I have only ever ordered the Tempura Shrimp here and always double the sauces. Well, the new kid in the kitchen must think he is a rock star. We wouldn’t eat it. Kelly ordered the same dish and never got to see it as we had to take it home. Problem: Her dinner was not what was ordered nor was it on the menu. It was entirely different and so bloomin’ hot she couldn’t even eat it. Don ordered a Teriyaki rice bowl and it was not the same quality as in the past.

We waited and waited for our food to arrive and we did, indeed, have a long wait.  We asked our server if we could move behind the glass walls as people there were in their t-shirts and it wasn’t blowing strong winds. Two servers stood at our table, rolling their eyes, talking about us like we were from mars. At last, we asked them to box up our food and we would leave. Then, we got smiles.

As a long time patron and professional blogger of restaurants, I found it so disrespectful to treat patrons like this. You would think that with restrictions ongoing they would welcome patrons and try their best to accommodate them.

We are not fussy customers and appreciate all most of them do. These girls need to be trained and trained properly. The Manager was just as ‘simple’ in her responses and attitude. I hope management will see this and take action.

Sorry, but the restaurant down the street serves shrimp that you can actually eat. We will go there. You, apparently don’t want customers like us.

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Cuckoo Trattoria, Coombs, B.C.

My treat for Mother’s Day was a trip to Coombs for an afternoon at Goat on the Roof and lunch at Cuckoo Trattoria. This, to anyone  in reading distance, is the place for extra special food.

We ordered our drinks and decided on a ‘LIGHT’ APPETIZER. After all Don had steaks at home for dinner. Well, that didn’t work out and I will explain.

Don and I thought we would share a Focaccio toast with a Mushroom Parmesan cream and Kelly ordered a Pizza (with about 6 kinds of meat) and a side of bruschetta. It came out and I have to tell you the Mushroom Parmesan Cream is to be absolutely obsessive. We dug in believe me.

Kelly’s pizza look absolutely super and she loved every bit of it. In fact a couple of pieces came home with her. We also had  to order a lovely special desert for Mother’s Day. We are beggars for punishment. So much so, we had another round of drinks. Our server was spot on terrific.

We wanted to spend even more time there on the expansive patio but thought we should waddle out. We did, however, meet and chat with Chef Fausto. He is such a wonderful man. I asked if he would share his recipe for the Mushroom Parmesan cream and he said he would come to our home and make it there. We WILL hold him to that you can be sure. I wanted to place it on my Damn I can Do This site. Perhaps another day.

As we were leaving the line up to get in was VERY long. Fabulous place for atmosphere and food.

Yes, yes, yes, we will return and the sooner the better.

Multo Bene


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