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Last Full Day In New Orleans

What a ride this week has been. Our love of this City knows no bounds with a wonderful mix of all the different cultures, architectures, history of when it began, lost and wars won over claims of ownership by various countries and how it has all melded together.

It is a very laid back way of life and you really have to be here to truly understand that statement. We have walked our legs off going from store to store and eatery to eatery. We have snacked, dined and simply had an ice cold soda to make it a little easier to continue on.

Now, we have laundry to do, repack our suitcases, and simply make sure our memory banks will remember all whom we have met, talked to, shared experiences with and hopefully and prayerfully will be in good health to once again come to this City of life.

Thanks New Orleans, we do love coming here.


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Pat O’Brien’s

After a lot of souvenir shopping, we wanted a little bite to tide us over. Lo and behold, Pat O’Briens’s appeared and we went in. We were here about 2 years ago with two of our grown kids so we were pleased to do it again.

We sat in the Courtyard (where food and drinks are served) and looked at the menu. We didn’t want a big meal so opted for the “Share” portion of the menu. Don ordered the alligator Bites with a honey mustard sauce and I ordered the Honey Pecan Shrimp , along with a Glass of white wine and and O’Douls. Our server, Bobbi was kept quite busy in our section and never lost her smile. Wonderful place to sit and relax in.

I did, honest, taste Don’s alligator bite but was glad to eat the shrimp. Don liked his treat and, again, we both win.

To let you know, my glass of wine was the least expensive glass of wine I have consumed in probably years and years. You guessed it, after paying the bill, Don says “at that price you could have had two”. Sure!

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