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Ristorante Mozza, Monte Carlo, Monaco

The second last dinner we had in Monte Carlo was in the harbour at Ristorante Mozza. We had been here on our previous visit to Nice and it is so enjoyable. The food is excellent and the service is beyond reproach.

The evening started with a choice of beverage and the appetizers begin. A tasting platter of cold cuts and Burrato cheese. Yummy to say the least. Then comes a mixed salad with octopus, and greens. Again, a very tasty salad should  you really like octopus. A beautiful, freshly made Rosemary Focaccia makes the rounds and by now, you think you have had dinner. But wait!

The main course is either the Catch of the day with vegetables and potatoes or Beef tagliata, parmesan, rocket, meat sauce with thyme. Trust me, there is no bad choice here. Both are fabulous.

Now, out comes the dessert and it is the largest Tiramisu you could imagine. Good? OMG! It is like silk but, oh so, huge. And, not done yet, comes out the coffee or espresso for those with any more room.

This is a must restaurant to dine in, enjoy and you come away wishing you lived closer.

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Brodo For Lunch

Yay….they are back from a well deserved holiday and are open again. We were in Penticton today and had to visit our favourite chef, Paul and his lovely wife, Holly.

Don ordered the smoked tuna melt and I had the quinoa/cauliflower salad with dried cranberries. As usual, it was so good.

If  you are ever in the Penticton, make sure you stop in and enjoy the fabulous fresh food that is carefully thought out and prepared. Paul is always changing up the menu and this makes it so nice for regulars to enjoy different things all the time.

Now, here is where it might test our abilities….we invited Paul and his family for a dinner to say “thank you” for all he has done fo us personally and to the community as a whole.  He is always giving, always smiling and will always be successful. Cross your fingers for us,  please!



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